[sclug] Comet Quad core offering - cheap high street commoditisation of computers

James Wyper jrwyper at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Mar 16 17:35:16 UTC 2008

> So, anyone, any comment on these Comet/Curry's prices
> for that Acer
> quadcore for 499?

Can't comment on Comet but PC World are running a similar offer (499 for Philips HEPC 7511 Quad Core / 2GB / 360GB / Nvidia 8500 / 20" Brand X TFT).  I bought one yesterday; seems fine so far but I haven't tried booting Ubuntu yet (still setting up Windows for the better half).  On paper it was a better deal than anything else I could find ready built either on the high street or online.

Happy to answer any detailed questions about this machine - and I have to say that Windows has come on a long way since my last PC (which ran 98 admittedly).

Incidentally, should I expect the 64-bit version of Ubuntu to work?


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