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John Stumbles john at stumbles.org.uk
Sun Mar 16 20:52:27 UTC 2008

Phillip Chandler wrote:
> "I'd also put it to you that enforced freedom is no freedom at all."
> Im firmly in the belief that we currently have enforced freedom (as I
> see it). Every counties government dictates what rights a person has,
> they decide the goal posts and we have to live within those goal posts,
> and our freedom is within those same goal posts. And we apparently live
> in a free capitalise society in the UK !!!!! Id love to see any of us
> standing outside Reading Train Station on a monday morning, between 7am
> and 8am, slagging off the government, saying that they are all a bunch
> of lying, deceitful bunch of two faced old gits, and that you want to
> question the legitimacy of their parentage, and see how long you last
> before getting arrested.

I wouldn't like to be the one doing the timing on a cold wet morning 
like today's: serious risk of exposure, if not extreme boredom. After 
all there were (are?) women camped outside Greenham common, then AWE, 
for practically decades and whilst they got arrested from time to time 
it tended to be when they cut the fence & ran onto the pitch, & 
suchlike. Just standing outside Rdg station mouthing off about the gov't 
- providing you're not blocking the entrance - isn't likely to get you 
much more attention than the average wino.

> We dont live in a democracy, else there would have been a referendum on
> the EU constitution, we would be able to tell dear Mr Brown what we do
> and dont like, without resorting to the poll tax riots.

We can tell Brown what we do and don't like. But since most of the time 
99.99% of people don't, HMG goes by what we seem to approve of from the 
pov of electing them again next time.

> Plus Communism in its purest sense would work perfect, to start a
> village going. But what kills communism is capitalism. 

I think "from each according to his abilities, to each according to his 
needs" is the natural state for small social groups, from families up to 
tribes. Capitalism, as in one group owning the means of production used 
by others, seems to be a natural state for societies using money.

John Stumbles

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