[sclug] Mail to reply always goes wrong on sclug

John Stumbles john at stumbles.org.uk
Wed Mar 19 14:48:19 UTC 2008

Martin Meredith wrote:
> I don't see what the issue is with just having the Reply-To header on
> here? Most places do - and it's just a mailman option.

This keeps coming round here. Google for 'reply-to considered harmful' 
or something like that for the arguments, but it basically boils down to 
Reply-To is supposed (by Law, i.e. RFC) to be used to get back to the 
originator of the message if their From: address can't be used for that, 
and if your MUA doesn't let you easily reply to a list rather than the 
originator then it's borked and you should get a new MUA!

Which has just reminded me why I was trying to migrate from Mozilla to 
Sylpheed, but since I've just subscribed to 'sclugr' and unsubscribed 
from 'sclug' it's a bit pointless now :-/

(Except that mozilla has decided to crash after every time I've sent a 
message, so it's getting a bit of a pita.)

John Stumbles

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