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> Hi Friends,
>                    My self is Tejas.I completed  Bachelor of
> Engineering in Information Technology from INDIA.I have also well
> known international certification like RHCE and OCA.I am fresher
> graduate.Now i want to get new certification which is provided by
> Oracle "Oracle Certified Linux Administrator".Is it good for my
> career in IT.And what about impact of this certification in IT
> industry.I am also looking for job.So pls help me.
> Cheers,
> Tejas.


It's useful to have every qualification that the world has to offer.
But what might be better is to ask an employer what they look for in
the market in which you are applying.

For example, a linux certification is pretty much no use for someone
who makes wine and has a network of Amiga computers running their
database and word processing.

However, if you're a making a computer game for multiple platforms and
intend to launch it in China, who ever has a Windows MCSE or RHCE
doesn't really matter if you have someone knocking at you door who can
speak fluent Chinese and is quite a good sales man.

It is all just a matter of what you are trying to obtain and what the
market is looking for.

I do think however that your BSc is worth more generally than a
specialised qualification. If you already have a RHCE, what do you
think the Oracle qualification might give you other than how to install
their DB on a variety of different distros?

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