[sclug] mail setup: getmail, dovecot - and exim?

John Stumbles john at stumbles.org.uk
Wed May 28 23:42:46 UTC 2008

[This is on a Debian stable box]

I've got things set up so that cron runs getmail which polls my various 
mailboxes (all pop) bringing me news of guaranteed-win street casinos 
and suchlike wonders, which it puts into my ~/Maildir. Dovecot then 
dishes this up to whatever imap-speaking mail client currently seems 
least broken (currently thund^H^H^H^Hicedove).

getmail actually gets all mail for my domains, including some for other 
members of my family which I'd like to have delivered to them (and 
likewise have served by dovecot). I might be able to configure my mail 
severs so that mail for specific email addresses is not retrieved by my 
own getmail, and have other users have cron jobs to run getmail to get 
their mail ... but this seems clunky.

I think I should be using procmail or suchlike to filter mail for others 
and pass it to them - but how? If procmail is running as me it won't 
have access to their Maildirs (unless one can somehow horribly kludge 
file permissions). This distro has exim installed so I guess my procmail 
should ask exim to deliver users' mail to them. (Just a matter of wading 
through the Friendly Manuals to find out how to do this :-()

I guess that exim will deliver to users' /var/spool/mail/<username> mail 
spools. That's where system mail for me goes, and I fire up mutt from 
time to time to check it. I need to either get exim to deliver to 
Maildirs (if it can do this) or reconfigure dovecot to serve up 
mailspools as well as Maildirs (if that's possible: I think I saw that 
working when I was first playing around with it, but I'm damned if I 
know how to make it work again now that I want it :-()

Does this sound like the right approach or am I missing something? And 
if I am on the right track, any pointers to how to configure things?

John Stumbles

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