[sclug] Ubuntu Automount + Eee PC 901

Bo Hansen bohans at online.no
Wed Nov 19 23:45:10 UTC 2008

On Tue, 18 Nov 2008 22:25:16 -0000, Matthew Cox <spudgun79 at gmail.com>  

> 2)  Eee PC 901
> I've got my eye on an Eee PC 901 (probably the 20GB SSD version), since  
> they
> are so small and light to carry around.  I travel a little bit and I'm
> currently working on a home web project and would like to be able to do  
> some
> of this on the move.  I was just wondering if it is capable running an
> instance of Apache and MySQL, just for dev purposes of course.  An IDE  
> would
> be good too, but Gedit will do.

Hi Matt,

I have a Eee box, basically the same hardware as the EEE, but headless.

I have it running apache, mysql, myth-tv and subversion and have had no  
problems at all.

On my regular Eee 901 I run ubuntu and use Eclipse against the eee box,  
and no issues there either.


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