[sclug] Cowon iAudio D2 MP3 Player: typos corrected.

Will Dickson wrd at glaurung.demon.co.uk
Wed Nov 26 20:21:05 UTC 2008

Neil Haughton wrote:
> Pardon me for being a tad off topic, but I'm thinking seriously of buying a
> Cowon iAudio D2 8GB MP3 Player with DAB Digital Radio, mainly because it
> supports OGG and Flac, it interfaces using MSD so it appears to Linux as
> another disk drive, it takes SD or similar cards to extend the memory, and I
> read that the sound and video quality is excellent. Oh, at ?149 it looks
> like good value, and the DAB radio looks like a bonus (although I've read
> unfavourable reports about its signal-grabbing performance).
> Has anyone any experience of using this device?

Not that one, but I'm a happy owner of an iAudio X5V (now discontinued, 
unfortunately). My only regret is that I should have bought the extended 
version (40GB HDD instead of 20GB, bigger battery). If anyone knows of 
another brand that speaks Ogg, I'd be very interested.

> Neil

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