[sclug] Pidgin and ICQ

Simon Champion simon at spudley.com
Thu Oct 9 07:37:04 UTC 2008


This same happened to me a few months ago. As I was logged on, I suddenly got 
a message telling me that I was being logged off because I'd logged in to my 
account from another location.

I knew this was untrue, so I immediately tried to log back in again, but it 
didn't work. And neither did trying to get in via the icq web site, and 
trying to recover my password.

My assumption is that my account was hacked and the details changed. Can't 
prove it, but that's what I suspect.

In any case, it doesn't seem to be anything to do with Pidgin.



On Wednesday 08 October 2008, Scott Rixon wrote:
> Tried on the website login and that doesn't work either.. Sounds like I
> might have an issue :( Just says 'incorrect password'
> I can't reset my password either. I setup the account so long ago I
> would have no clue what e-mail I used :(
> Scott

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