[sclug] Thinkpads R61s, kernels and crashes

Alex Cockell alcockell at eclipse.co.uk
Tue Oct 28 08:02:41 UTC 2008

Hi folks, 

As you know, I'm relatively new to the OS... and it's been rather
unnerving recently while monitoring the Ubuntu forums and call-tracking

Namely - 2.6.24-21 on Ubuntu 8.04 has killed a lot of machines.. and NOW
there are security updates with this kernel.

My main question - is it safe to accept on my R61?  Will I be able to
accept the update, reboot and continue?  Or is it liable to kill my
machine at the mo?  There doesn't appear to be any kind of official
announcement yet... and some of the bugs suggest that the sequence of
package application is wrong - and someone has to muck about in the guts
of the box to get it working again.

I'm not exactly sure that production releases are supposed to do that...

Waiting for reassurance...



Alex Cockell
Reading, Berks, UK
alcockell at eclipse.co.uk

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