[sclug] Post: See you later Linux

Neil Haughton haughtonomous at googlemail.com
Tue Sep 30 12:12:16 UTC 2008

> Make sure you buy something that will work with your system, whether it's
> Linux, Mac, or Windows Vista.
> I wouldn't buy one of these [1] and complain that Windows XP doesn't work
> on it. Don't expect hardware / software compatibility problems to only
> effect Linux ( Does Vista work perfectly on that platform?)

I think that is such excellent advice. The idea we seem to have that you
should be able to pick an arbitrary computer and run an arbitrary OS on it
without  ever getting problems is manifestly daft. I mean, does anyone have
any idea of the *scope* of the problem that this represents? (Rhetorical
question - of course we all do, even if we forget from time to time). I am
constantly surprised how close to this ideal the computer industry has
already got.


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