[sclug] Unsolicited testimonial: The beauty of linux

John Stumbles sclug at yaph.org.uk
Wed Jan 28 21:41:27 UTC 2009

Just started doing a plumbing job for some nice folks whose PC, I 
learned, was off sick with a nasty virus. "Linux" I said, and offered to 
do it for them. Took it away at the weekend and stuck kubuntu on it, set 
them up each with their own account, put the stuff out of their 
Documents and Settings folders into their $HOMEs and returned it to 
them. Just got this email from one of them:

> John,
> ...  What a lovely smooth
> operating system, don't know a great deal about computers but from a 
> usability and aesthetic perspective it shits on microsoft and apple. A 
> massive thank you for sorting out our virus ridden PC and liberating us 
> from the corporate stranglehold.

which was nice :-)

John Stumbles                                       http://yaph.org.uk

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