[sclug] Digitising my vinyl

Graham Swallow lists at information-cascade.co.uk
Wed Jul 1 13:01:24 UTC 2009

> Record deck -> stereo amp (as normal)
> Stereo amp line-out -> attenuator if needed -> mic input on SB sound card.
> use 'sound recorder' (Ubuntu) to record the digital audio file (in ogg or
> wav format). I think it's hooked up by default to the mic channel in the std
> audio mixer.
> Clean up using Audacity, Ardour, shnjoin etc etc

If your stereo is good, its line-out is good.
it would be phono-banana-plugs (as used to the tape unit)
the cable to put it into a small jack plug is ?7 or so from anywhere (maplin)
shorter = less noise, longer = easier
the 'mic' input on a PC is really line-in
the input volume mixer should probably be near 80% (hiss -vs- distortion)
there is an software enable button on the in-channel-mixer (silence?)
use the same KHz settings as CD.wavs or refilter
audacity is an all round good one

If you are looking for a project,
there is an issue with the splitting into tracks.
Audacity is good, but could be improved.
I noticed that SOX could not seek, when using some audio formats.
Then write your own CDDB text file, and use it to add id3 tags to MP3
(I have mp3_hissy_fit.py if you dont mind some random python)
To write audio CD's, one .WAV per track, RTFM cdda2wav/cdrecord


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