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Jason Rivers jason at jasonrivers.co.uk
Mon Jul 27 12:18:32 UTC 2009


On Mon, 27 Jul 2009 13:01:15 +0100, Neil Haughton
<haughtonomous at googlemail.com> wrote:
> This is not really a 'Linux' question, but bear with me in case you know
> the
> answer...
> I have a Netgear wireless router (DG834g) connected to my telephone line
> (usual paraphernalia connected with it, ADSL suppressor and so on) and it
> is
> normally left on.

Do you have ADSL filters on all (in-use) sockets in the house? 

> I also have a Netgear W311g wireless adapter in my PC (Ubuntu 7.10, using
> ndiswrapper and the XP driver)
> So here's the problem: If I use the internet one or more times a day, I
> find
> (not always, but with depressing monotony) that when I eventually try to
> so I have no connection with my ISP, my router ADSL light is flashing
> orange, and the router admin screen shows it is 'negotiating' and "LCP is
> allowed to come up". Sometimes this will eventually resolve itself, but
> usually not and I have to reboot the router (switch off and on) and
> the PC to get a connection. Then it will be ok until I shut down the PC.

I don't see how shutting down the PC would cause the router to do this.
However, is the router set to Auto-Connect, or a forced always-up
connection, an always up might help with this.

> My ISP (TalkTalk) has been unable to cure the problem for any length of
> time, and maintain whenever I call them that line tests show the line
> itself
> is fine.  This could just be crap tech support, or it could be a real
> problem (line etc) that is going to require actual expenditure to fix, in
> which case I suppose I get what I pay for. (FWIW the phone is quite
> reliable
> on the same line.)

if there is a fault on the line, it will not cost you anything, however, if
there is a fault on your internal wiring in the house, this will cost. one
thing to try, is to disconnect the house extention sockets from the master
socket, leaving only the master socket with an out-side tone, and see if
this still persists. 

> Incidentally I am managing a download speed of circa 4Mbps on an 8Mbps
> service (better than the norm, I read), so the line itself can't be
> complete
> rubbish.
> I have a hunch though that, given that once I have a connection it is
> usually quite stable for as long as I need it, this is simply a DHCP
> issue - once I disconnect my PC the router allows TalkTalk to give my IP
> address to some one else, and when I try to reconnect they temporarily
> don't
> have any spares available so I cannot until another subscriber gives one
> up.
>  Does this sound likely, or am I barking up the wrong tree?

hm. they should have a spare IP for you, but a forced always up connection
means you won't be disconnected, then you should never require getting
another IP from them. do you have another router you could try, to make
sure it isn't the netgear having issues?

> Either way it's bloody annoying and I am getting increasing domestic
> over it too :-)


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