[sclug] Phone/broadband recommendations?

Stuart Ward stuart.ward at bcs.org
Wed Jul 29 08:51:46 UTC 2009


Try going to samknows.com and see what broadband providers have
presence in the local exchange. Then you can look at the cost,
reliability etc of those choices.

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2009/7/28 David Given <dg at cowlark.com>:
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> Not *quite* a Linux question, but people here are bound to know the
> answer...
> My father's finally going to give up on 56k dialup and get broadband.
> Speaking as the person who usually ends up having to sneakernet updates
> to him: woo!
> He's also getting extremely annoyed with BT's new phone billing scheme,
> which penalises short calls during the day with the end result that he's
> paying about 5p/minute for local calls. So, this would be an ideal
> opportunity to switch to a combined phone/broadband provider.
> The big problem is that he lives in the highlands of Scotland and cable
> TV is hard to come by. So it's ADSL and POTS or nothing. He doesn't want
> Can anyone suggest any suitable providers I should go and look at? Could
> he get line rental through the third-party provider, or will that still
> need to go through BT? Would a third-party provider still let him use
> his cut-rate long-distance service to Australia? Is it actually *worth*
> getting a combined broadband and telephone bundle?
> All comments gratefully appreciated!
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