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David Given dg at cowlark.com
Sun Jun 28 13:40:55 UTC 2009

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I'm trying to get a compiler for the h8300-elf architecture. So far I'm
having no luck.

h8300-elf is slightly exotic, and my usual source of precompiled gcc
toolchains, Emdebian, doesn't have one. (It's got a COFF version
instead, but I need ELF.)

The Debian toolchain build instructions didn't work the last time I
tried them. This time I didn't get far enough to find out whether they
work or not --- apparently you need a precompiled libc for your
architecture to be able to build a toolchain on Debian. Is there an
h8300 version available? Right. At least the binutils installation
procedure worked.

Building gcc-4.4.0 from scratch fails miserably; after hitting the
*third* consecutive known fails-to-build bug, I gave up and moved back
to gcc-4.3.3. I only found one fails-to-build bug on that, and after
fixing it finally managed to get a compiler that works.

Unfortunately it insists on pushing the resulting H8300 assembly files
through the Intel assembler, with hilarious results. *Despite* configure
correctly autodetecting that I already had h8300-elf-as installed.

Why is gcc such a pain in the arse to build? No, wait, don't answer
that. Instead: does anyone know of any easier way to get a working
compiler for this architecture?

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