[sclug] RAID-1 on asymmetric disks?

Stuart Ward stuart.ward at bcs.org
Sun Mar 8 10:33:06 UTC 2009


LVM would be the obvious way to do this.


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2009/3/8 David Given <dg at cowlark.com>:
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> Alex Butcher wrote:
> [...]
>> I doubt you'll encounter any problems. I do md RAID between partions
>> "all the
>> time"; I even tend to have a RAID0 paid and a RAID1 pair - the former for
>> 'disposable' parts of the hierarchy, like /tmp
> On a related topic, I'm mulling over the idea of making myself a DIY SSD
> out of USB thumb drives. They're approaching 1 UKP per GB these days,
> which makes them about half the price of a real SSD.
> As one of the key advantages of this technique is that adding capacity
> ought to be easy and cheap, I'm trying to figure out the best way of
> designing the system to allow this. Unfortunately as far as I can tell
> increasing the size of a RAID5 array looks to be rather hard, especially
> if the drives are different sizes. (Next year a 32GB flash drive would
> probably be the same price as a 16GB drive this year. No, I don't want
> to add this as two 16GB partitions.)
> Any suggestions of things I should look into? (Other than 'use ZFS', of
> course. I would if I could.)
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