[sclug] RAID-1 on asymmetric disks?

Sebastian Malcolm sebastian.malcolm at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 23:34:06 UTC 2009

G'day Will,
I think recent Ubuntu has an "Make Live USB (installer)" tool that
would workaround u needing a CD drive in your new/spare PC.

I too am interested in portable (USB bootable) Linux and i've done
some mostly successful experiments with two fast 16gb Corsair Voyager
GT sticks: LVM on encrypted RAID1.

Will: Are you be able to attend this Wed SCLUG meeting to discuss
further and/or wld i find u on IRC sometime when your next wanting to
work on your ideas/project?

Anyone else interested in Portable/Pocket Linux?


On 3/9/09, Will Dickson <wrd at glaurung.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> Alex Butcher wrote:
>> md is the way to go, and you might want to put LVM on top in order to
>> dynamically reassign space between logical volumes (= partitions,
>> kinda-sorta).
> Thanks Alex (and others who replied). I need to RTFM some more, and
> determine the easiest route around my CD burner, which appears to have
> discovered a new life as a coaster-making machine. However, it does look
> as though I have a plan.
> Will

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