[sclug] Pirate Party UK and Free software

mail@europa.demon.co.uk mail
Tue Nov 10 20:26:07 UTC 2009

Thanks for the comments, Alex/Philip...

When I have any more info for you I'll post an update - right now I confess I'll be happy to get PPUK membership agreement that software/source code requires particular attention, irrespective of the nuances of whether it's obfuscated/compilable...

I think it's sure that the source escrow proposal is discarded at present by us, not least for some of the issues you've raised with it here. So we are presently considering the next best thing, a longer copyright for releasing source code (and... for verification, that means anyone could try compiling it, see whether it was obfuscated, etc, though possibly not able to redistribute commercially without licensing it).

Would have loved to get to Reading tomorrow to join your meeting... (well, I can _get_ there, if there's somewhere I can "crash" afterwards... email me if so?) unfortunately I don't live in that area now so it isn't so easy for me now.

One other bit of Pirate news... I recently wrote an article for p2pnet, not about software, but music and filesharing, can be found here:


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