[sclug] sclug Digest, Vol 72, Issue 4

Tom Carbert-Allen tom at randominter.net
Fri Sep 11 12:49:57 UTC 2009

Neil Haughton wrote:
>> I like your analogy but your argument miss's one important difference
>> between tracks and rubber wheels. They can drive around each other.
> Can't say I've noticed much of that when I commute by car. Roads have edges,
> too.
> Tracks are managed to avoid congestion and have passing lanes too. Rubber
> wheels are controlled by people - their downfall, mostly. And the safety
> record of people in cars is how good? Not very.
> Neil.

"The main conclusion is that, system-wide, including trespassers but not 
suicides, the deaths per passenger-km by rail are over 50% above that 
for the strategic road network."  (strategic road network is motorways 
and A roads, which is the part of the network comparable to train tracks.)

Many more people die on the roads, because they currently carry 92% of 
all land passenger miles.


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