[sclug] OT: Android OS - Pulsd TMobile

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Fri Feb 12 17:49:25 UTC 2010

Alex Butcher wrote:
> OK, I figured I'd write up my thoughts about the HTC Hero (aka T-Mobile G2)
> running Google's Android OS v1.5.  I acquired 


Wife and I each now have a Tmobile Pulse which we think are great. 10
pounds a month gets free internet (with T&Cs) the GPS is nice for
pedestrian use, the internet 3g is good I love that it is Android.
Uses micro SD, very easy to use USB transfer, no mention of Windows at
all, great.

Camera needs good light and is not why we bought them. GPS and
internet (google maps) were the main attractions, Wifi is good when
available. battery - needs charging at night when in use all day, but
for me that is not bad.

I also love some of the fun apps, and that many of the apps are free.

alan cocks
Ubuntu user

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