[sclug] Mirror disks across machines like distributed RAID?

Tom Carbert-Allen tom at randominter.net
Wed Jan 6 17:19:32 UTC 2010

On 06/01/2010 4:58, Dickon Hood wrote:
> There's a trick: buy decent hardware that doesn't fall over every couple
> of minutes, and run a solid OS on it.  Hence Solaris on Sun kit, rather
> than Windows on Dell.
All server fail, this is a fact.
Why would I ever let the failure rate of hardware prevent me from 
putting in a system to make sure it doesn't effect my business when it 
does happen?

> : doesn't require transactions or a users session to stay open
> : transparently during a fail over, so simple old technology would be
> : enough for them. Maybe they aren't as hi tech as they would have us believe.
> High tech !=>  better.  Sometimes simple is best.
in business, being able to take paying orders is best, which requires 
the hi tech to get right. unless you are happy with the user getting a 
404 but still charging them for the purchase because you didn't HA the 
whole stack

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