[sclug] Mirror disks across machines like distributed RAID?

Dickon Hood dickon-ml at fluff.org
Wed Jan 6 18:34:26 UTC 2010

On Wed, Jan 06, 2010 at 18:25:56 +0000, Keith Edmunds wrote:
: On Wed, 6 Jan 2010 16:54:34 +0000, dickon-ml at fluff.org said:

: > No point.  Replicate.  It's cheaper than a traditional HA disc system,
: > arguably less complex than a DRBD setup

: OK: you have a bunch of websites, some of which have users uploading files
: (think pictures), and some of which create local temporary files (think
: preview of the business card you are creating). How would you replicate in
: a way that is cheaper and less complex way than DRBD?

How does DRBD help you in this situation?  You can't mount the same
filesystem on two hosts, remember.

I'd probably do something with NFS or the like.

Dickon Hood

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