[sclug] Linux for really weird hardware?

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Tue Jan 26 13:55:26 UTC 2010

David Given wrote:
> I've just discovered something in the back of a cupboard: a Canon
> EX50CPU10. No, you won't find it on Google.
> This is an ancient tablet computer wot I picked up somewhere. It's got
> an odd-shaped greyscale screen, a 386ish processor, 8MB of RAM, an
> unknown amount of internal storage, a PCMCIA slot, and a CF slot. Right
> now it boots most of the way into MSDOS and stalls somewhere. There is
> no keyboard.
> I've discovered that if I hold down one of the two buttons on the case
> when you power it up, it'll boot off fixed disk 1 instead of 0 --- which
> means one of the card slots. Bingo! I can run a *real* OS on this thing.
> What can I put on it?
> Not having a keyboard, I need networking so I can ssh into it. I've got
> some PCMCIA network cards. It's got bugger all memory, so it's got to be
> lightweight. The biggest CF card I've got is 48MB, so that's the upper
> limit to the size (hopefully once I've got ssh access I can do something
> with the internal storage).

maybe tiny core, I have not used it
alan cocks
Ubuntu user

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