[sclug] Local execution form web app

Neil Brown neil at neilzone.co.uk
Mon Jun 7 09:05:42 UTC 2010

Quoting Neil Haughton <haughtonomous at googlemail.com>:

>  'Arbitrary'
> in the sense that the actual choice of executable can be configured by the
> user, the idea that a customer can configure the app to launch some local
> process

If the customer (i.e. the corporate) can define which applications are  
launched, then, the end users can only (absent a bug) launch  
applications which the environment owner provides for them to launch.

The end user launches a pre-defined application, and so, whilst not a  
sysadmin, this seems no different to clicking a icon on a desktop,  
which was pre-installed by the company for them to use?



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