[sclug] TSNK: Thou Shall Not Kill www.TSNK.org Font Repository Proposal

John Stumbles sclug at yaph.org.uk
Sun Oct 31 22:11:27 UTC 2010

Krishna Birth wrote:
> I am interested to find out if font designers and other font sites would be
> interested to showcase their fonts with alteration to the k / K letter shape
> to ? / ? (lower and upper case) shape. This is per
> http://Kalphabet.googlepages.com <http://kalphabet.googlepages.com/>. These
> could be hosted at TSNK (Thou Shall Not Kill) -> TSN?: Thou Shall Not ?ill
> website - www.TSNK.org <http://www.tsnk.org/>.

wtf is this about? Is it a joke? An in-joke? What?

John Stumbles                                       http://yaph.org.uk

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