[sclug] Connecting to my Sky+ box

Tom Carbert-Allen tom at randominter.net
Mon Sep 27 13:34:01 UTC 2010


It's not that simple, obviously Sky has a commitment to the content 
providers to keep the content secure even when recorded. There is no way 
to pull the files over the network with stock firmware. You can open it 
and get to the fat32 format IDE drive (in cable select mode) though, so 
you can pull it out and read the files. But they are encrypted files, 
which are tied to your smart card (and your box if I remember 
correctly). People talk of copying the files to a bigger disk and 
dropping it back in to increase capacity, but not sure if you can drop 
it in a different box (with same smart card for sure though).
Best to ask on nosky.co.uk or digitalspy forums etc.
I have never had the official sky box (although have been watching the 
streams on other hardware) so I can't say more than that.


On 27/09/2010 1:18, Neil Haughton wrote:
> Hi All,
> Does anyone know how to connect to a Sky+ box over a home network?
> I have managed to enable my Sky+ box to connect to my router and acquire an
> IP address, using DHCP, but from my desktop PC although I can see the Sky
> box is connected, I cannot access it. That is, I can't see what's on it.
> Essentially I want to be able to copy stored films to my PC for backup, and
> back again.  They're coming to take my Sky box away today and replace it
> with a new one that actually works with two signal inputs as it should, and
> in the changeover process I am going to lose a lot of films I have recorded
> and not yet watched. The aerial monkey who is coming says that he can't
> transfer them to the new box 'because it is a special satellite device,
> mate'. It's not, it's a ruddy computer, probably running Linux I'll wager.
> In fact Sky technical support told me as much.
> Can anyone help?
> Neil.
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