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Thu Sep 30 17:03:04 UTC 2010

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> From: Linux Magazine Service <subs at linux-magazine.com>
> To: tmdg at xxxx.xx.xx
> Subject: Join the celebration of Linux Magazine!
> Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2010 15:18:40 +0200 (CEST)
> Dear Tom,
> We'd like to invite you and the members of your LUG to join us in celebrating 
> the 10th anniversary issue of Linux Magazine!
> For the LUGs we've prepared 15 anniversary packages, which will be drawn from 
> the list of all LUGs that answer our mailing. Each of the packages contains 
> two copies of Linux-Magazine #120, #119 and #118, two copies of ADMIN 
> Magazine #01 and two copies of Ubuntu User #06 and #05. All you have to do is 
> to answer this email by the 1st of November with the delivery adress you'd 
> want the package sent to.
> You can also join our grand anniversary prize draw! Starting from the 4th of 
> October you have the chance to win one free 10-year subscription or one of 10 
> 1-year-subscriptions to Linux Magazine! Participation is easy: Just stay 
> subscribed or order a standard or DVD subscription of Linux Magazine, and in 
> January 2011 you have the chance to be the lucky winner of a free 10-year 
> subscription to Linux Magazine!
> In this anniversary issue of Linux Magazine #120 we give you all the tricks, 
> all the hacks, all the apps and every single article we've ever published in 
> the 10-year history of Linux Magazine!
> Read the past 10 years of Linux history as you browse through The Complete 
> Linux Magazine Archive DVD included in this anniversary issue.
> Inside our 120th issue of Linux Magazine you'll:
> - meet Linus Torvalds' parents: his mother takes us on a tour of Helsinki, and 
> his father talks about his son's early influences;
> - check out the MeeGo mobile operating system as it prepares for take off;
> - find out what Mark Shuttleworth says about the new gesture suite for touch 
> devices;
> - learn about multi-core processing from the command line;
> - get your Linux questions answered by Knoppix creator Klaus Knopper;
> - and look back on our first issue and our 10-year history with Rikki Kite.
> We'll also show you how to:
> - roll your own OpenOffice extensions,
> - access your iTunes library online,
> - optimize and troubleshoot TCP connections,
> - speed up the shell with GNU parallel,
> - and much more!
> The special anniversary issue of Linux Magazine will be on sale in UK and 
> Europe from the 4th of October but you can also order your copy here: 
> http://www.linux-magazine.com/10years 
> Kind regards,
> Steven Lloyd
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