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David Given dg at cowlark.com
Thu Aug 11 10:56:52 UTC 2011

I was enthusing about various ARM devices yesterday:

Efika MX Smartbook: 189 euro (including VAT and delivery). 800MHz Cortex
A8 netbook. 512MB RAM, GPU, webcam, wireless, bluetooth, optional 3G
modem, etc... runs Ubuntu.

Efika MX Nettop: 129 euro (ditto). Headless version of the above. Only
one ethernet and no SATA, alas. HDMI out.


TrimSlice: 199 dollars (shipping and VAT extra). 1GHz dual-core Cortex
A9 (a Tegra). 1GB RAM. Specs are a little bit vague. Fake SATA (it's got
a SATA connection but it's hooked up via USB internally so it's slow).
HDMI out.


Freescale iMX53 Quick Start board: 105 pounds (free delivery, dunno
about VAT). 1GHz Cortex A8, 1GB RAM, SATA, SD slot, micro-SD slot, 100MB
ethernet, VGA and audio. Doesn't come in a box.


(but Freescale's website sucks so if you actually want to buy one get it
here instead:

These all use the Cortex series of ARM cores, and all have FPUs, onboard
GPUs, and are generally awesome. They'll run either the armel Debian
architecture or the new armhf architecture (which makes better use of
the FPU). I gather they're a great deal faster than the Kirkwood
processor in the SheevaPlug range.

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