[sclug] Ghost HDD

Graham Swallow lists at information-cascade.co.uk
Tue Jul 26 13:00:39 UTC 2011


Its menus are spectacularly awful,
but it does a great job, and boots from CD,
and you will also have the hardware info,
including serial numbers, MAC/DTE,
in-case it gets stolen.

I used it to upgrade a disk.

You dont have to plug-in the USB-save-to disk,
until it mentions it/suggests it, so you know its ok.

You change the dir-name to year-mm-dd-topp
and later copy that to your server
where you have a collection, of boxes, roll-back points,


> I have a Pre-installed Windows 7 Home Premium laptop for which I am planning to free up some of the disk to make a partition for a Mint install.
> Since I don't have the install media I'd like to ghost the resized win 7 partition in case of mishaps. It would also have the advantage of keeping all my installed software in one disk image.
> Has anyone got any experience doing this and are there any recommended ghost utilities?

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