[sclug] Snapshot disk images

David Given dg at cowlark.com
Wed Jul 27 09:39:10 UTC 2011

John Stumbles wrote:
> I think that makes snapshots of a filesystem at the level of directory
> trees rather than disk images, and if you were making multiple disk
> images it would treat them as different files and store them separately
> thus not saving you any space.

Instead of copying the disk image, then, use rsnapshot to copy the root
filesystem --- you restore them by using rsync to copy the snapshot's
files back into your root filesystem.

(I use rsnapshot at home for my backup regime. Works brilliantly; a
day's backup is 100MB of inodes + changed files.)

Alternatively, if you want to go bleeding edge, you could use btrfs. Its
live snapshot feature makes this kind of thing an utter doddle: you can
even boot from any snapshot at any time without disturbing any of the

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