[sclug] Saturday 12th - Pirate meeting in Oxford

mail@europa.demon.co.uk mail
Thu Mar 10 20:31:58 UTC 2011

As mentioned in yesterday's Linux meet in Reading...

On Saturday PPUK are holding a meet in Oxford:

If you had the chance / were interested to come along, we'd be delighted to see you. Unfortunately I'm a bit snowed under with "stuff" at the minute, so haven't had time to organise keysigning events for this one.

I will be organising more meets in the general Reading-Maidenhead-Oxford area during the year, and with our commitment to privacy and freedom / security of individuals to communicate, supporting the understanding and wider use of strong encryption could be something we have in common with Linux groups.

Thanks all, hopefully will see you next month in Reading, if not Oxford on Saturday.


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