[sclug] NAS

Ed Davies sclug.xu.1106 at edavies.me.uk
Fri Nov 4 20:43:21 UTC 2011

On 2011-11-04 12:49, Neil Haughton wrote:
> Looks interesting, but I'm not sure how it supports RAID. The website
> doesn't mention this at all. Presumably I'd need to trash the original OS
> and install Linux (or similar) and setup software RAID?

Yes, I think so.

Technically you don't trash the original OS (which is
Linux anyway) - you just install on an external drive and
it boots from there.

The instructions at:



> Most boot problems are caused by bad USB drives. In 
> general, flash drives boot more reliably than hard 
> drives.

I've sort of found that. On a cold boot Debian on the hard
drive is not found and the original Pogoplug Linux starts.
If I ssh in and say "shutdown -r now" it reboots to the hard
drive just fine. That'd be a bit annoying if there was a
power cut so at some point I'll look into doing the initial
boot from a USB drive which then boots from the hard disk


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