[sclug] Offer: home plugs 85Mbps

Ciaran McHale ciaran_mchale at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Aug 18 17:16:45 UTC 2012

The following is available to whoever might want it, free of

A pair of "eConnect HomePlug Turbo" plugs:

These worked fine for a few years. Then they stopped working.
I suspect that one works and the other has died, but because I
don't have a third plug, I can't determine which one of the two
is broken. So, if you already have some 85Mbps home plugs, then
you might want to take these, test to see which one works, and
then keep that as a spare (or use it in your existing network).

I am based on the Lower Henley Road (RG4 5LD) in Caversham.
Call me on my home or mobile numbers (given in the signature of
this email) to arrange collection.

Ciaran McHale   (ciaran_mchale at yahoo.co.uk)   www.CiaranMcHale.com
Mobile: +44-(0)7866-416-134                    www.config4star.org
Home office: +44-(0)118-327-9847                www.canthology.org

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