[sclug] The competition

simon@spudley.com simon
Thu Feb 9 14:47:19 UTC 2012

On Thursday 09 February 2012, David Given wrote:
> Talking about non-Linux systems yesterday... (I'm ignoring the BSDs, as
> being modern, serious, useful operating systems they're not very
> interesting.)
> Haiku --- aka BeOS, the Next Generation!
> Syllable --- similar, but different.
> ReactOS --- GPL Windows!
> Minix 2 --- as old as old school gets
> There are others --- Amoeba? Inferno? Plan 9? But they're *really*
> weird. And I still haven't found a source for Microsoft Xenix yet...

Anyone for AROS?
A re-implementation from scratch of the original Amiga OS.

Also, http://www.osnews.com/ is a good site for keeping up to date with the 
various obscure operating systems out there.

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