[sclug] Debian Squeeze udev DISASTER!

Neil Haughton haughtonomous at googlemail.com
Tue Feb 21 20:42:57 UTC 2012


I've dug myself a big hole and jumped right in so deep I can't see how to
get out. I'm hoping a good Samaritan can direct me.

I was toying around on my Debian Squeeze box a few moments ago. I went into
the Services admin tool and noticed that 'udev' wasn't enabled. So I
checked it to enable it.

Then a little while later I restarted the machine and now the login screen
freezes so I can't log in. More specifically (I think) I have lost my usb
keyboard and mouse so I can't type anything to log in and I can't do a
clean shutdown either.

So I am guessing that the udev service wasn't enabled by default for a good
reason. But how do I reverse the situation? I can start up in recovery mode
and get to a shell prompt where I can login as root, but thereafter I am



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