[sclug] Playing with video (DVB-T)

Jason Rivers jason at jasonrivers.co.uk
Mon Jul 9 09:34:11 UTC 2012

I've been playing with video streaming lately, so that while my 
flatmate is watching some crap on TV I can still watch something else...

I have a system with 2 DVB-T tuners, I'll just start with 1 card, tuned 
to 666000000 which allows me to get all the BBC goodness and currently 
using DVBlast to get all the channels over the network on Multicast 
(seperate Multicast IP for each channel). E.G.

rtp:// ##BBC1
rtp:// ##BBC2
rtp:// ##BBC3
rtp:// ##BBC4


The problem with using Multicast is that it completely swamps my Wifi 
(to the point that any wireless devices just disconnect and it's game 
over for them).

DVBlast only uses Multicast address's - This is just the way it's 
designed to work.

I'm wondering if anyone has any experience of this, and if there's a 
better application to use so that I can host the RTP streams from the 
machines IP (either single IP and multiple ports/streams or multiple 
IP's are fine) and not using Multicast (because of the Wifi). - I tried 
using cvlc - but I couldn't see a way to have it use multiple channels 
(programs) successfully.

Alternatively I might just need to work out how to force the Multicast 
not to hit the Wifi, I have a Billion 7800N currently, (it was one of 
the original test routers from A&A that did IPv6). and can't see any 
option on the router to block multicast over wifi (and I can't split the 
Wired/Wireless on the firewal) I'm happy to change this to something 
like a Routerboard if I need to, but I'd rather find a better way of 
doing it.

Any tips on different software to run the RTP stream without Multicast 
but with multiple channels still would be great...


P.S. dvblast also sends out the channel guide over the RTP feed from 
the DVB-T feed, which is very useful, but not critical...

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