[sclug] Playing with video (DVB-T)

Jason Rivers jason at jasonrivers.co.uk
Mon Jul 9 15:44:27 UTC 2012


On 09.07.2012 16:03, Alex Butcher wrote: 

> On Mon, 9 Jul 2012,
Jason Rivers wrote:
>> On 09.07.2012 15:50, Alex Butcher wrote: 

>>>> On Mon, 9 Jul 2012, Jason Rivers wrote: I've been playing with
video streaming lately, so that while my flatmate is watching some crap
on TV I can still watch something else... I have a system with 2 DVB-T
tuners, I'll just start with 1 card, tuned to 666000000 which allows me
to get all the BBC goodness and currently using DVBlast to get all the
channels over the network on Multicast
>>> OK, that's cool, but if it's
just for you (i.e. one consuming client, as opposed to many - a student
hall, for instance), why are you even going down the multicast route?
Surely a dumb DVB player application (mplayer, kaffeine, Me-TV) - or
MythTV at most - would suffice?
>> The TV Tuner is on box A, I wish
to watch on box B,C & D, possibly multiple channels, this also allows me
to record the streams when something interesting is on. what I'm really
looking for at this stage is to have it Unicast instead of
> Run a MythTV backend on box A, and have frontends
installed on boxes B, C
> and D, ready to go.
> Best Regards,

While that sounds fine, that doesn't solve the problem when one of
the box's is an Android device, one is windows one is linux. :-) - What
I would like, is an RTP stream... 

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