[sclug] Odd behaviour from OpenDNS?

Dickon Hood dickon-ml at fluff.org
Mon Jul 23 17:42:00 UTC 2012

On Mon, Jul 23, 2012 at 06:30:46 +0100, alan c wrote:
: On 22/07/12 15:36, Ed Davies wrote:
: >Frankly, though, I don't see much point to not using the
: >ISP's DNS unless they're playing around in ways you don't
: >like. In particular, I can't see any privacy advantage.
: >Anything you access with HTTPS will tend to have a unique
: >IP address, won't it? However, accessing Pirate Bay on
: >principle, even if you'd not normally go anywhere near it,
: >does have some appeal.

: 'Several UK Internet providers expanded their blockade of The Pirate
: Bay this week'
: http://torrentfreak.com/uk-isps-secretly-expand-futile-pirate-bay-blockade-120721/

I doubt many are doing that by fiddling with DNS; it'd be even less
effective than it is by doing the filtering the CleanFeed way.

Dickon Hood
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