[sclug] Back of Beyond

David Newcomb david.newcomb at bigsoft.co.uk
Tue Jun 19 17:38:53 UTC 2012

It would appear that he's been rumbled on the BITE site.

Comment starting:
 "Oh dear - looks like Lord Jason (or should that be Jason Lord) has a
little bee in his bonnet...
and the comment after it too.

He sounds like a nasty piece of work. How dare he talk ill of the Nag's
Head - clearly a man of no taste.


On 19 June 2012 17:39, John Stumbles <sclug at yaph.org.uk> wrote:

> There's a discussion on facebook which implies that this gentleman (not)
> runs the BoB:
> http://www.beerintheevening.**com/user_comments.shtml?**
> username=Lord_Jason<http://www.beerintheevening.com/user_comments.shtml?username=Lord_Jason>
> Anyone know for sure, and if so what do folks think about having SCLUG
> meetings there? (Though it's a moot point for me: I haven't made it to a
> meeting for years.)
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