[sclug] High Wycombe LUG meet

Graham cascade.information at gmail.com
Tue Aug 6 16:21:12 UTC 2013


> I find it rather disappointing that I've only had one reply to this.
> Firstly I would hope for some sort of constructive comments from
> everyone whether they would attend or not.

I like walking to the Back Of Beyond,
and Wycombe is (likely) beyond my threshold.

I like "a bit of a chat", but I also like the idea of ...
... (your list here) ...
and I think I can guess the sort of thing that might help.

A key ingredient, is commitment to doing things,
(after you have the group attendance numbers up).
Eg you could have a rotating list of jobs,
(so thats always the same person every time :-),

eg this month we will be handing out DVD's of (pick 2)
eg this month there will be three show-and-tells of ... the Python Object
Struct, ...
eg we will have (informal) use of a 13A socket and our own WiFi-3G
eg there will be a laptop for PDF slideshows, or passing around
eg a list of questions will be collated (every time) ++
eg a list of capabilities will be collated (mariadb is the new MySQL)
++ answers can be group added via some forum software
eg This month, the list will be read out loud by (rota)

That adds some momentum, so next month is a bit like last month,
and people will feel more confident about adding questions,
pointing out things that are blindingly obvious, (dnsmasq exists),
getting round to their talk (/etc/dnsmasq.d/my_devices_wifi)
or providing some collection of files, for duplication.

Personally I get stumped by the most obvious of questions,
because I didnt hear about ... the release of ... why you want ....
A comprehensive list of "did you know ... nfs exists" is a drain of time,
but having a section where this months list is read out,
will help people who come to learn something completely new,
and put a gradient. EG it might be "there is a new release of
the Linux HOWTO for LDAP on Samba-4.0 and it is a good tutorial for a SOHO"
or it might be the opposite: "I want that to be true but it isnt,
where is a good tutorial for me?"

The problem now, is that you need a room of your own,
and its beginning to feel like a flipchart meeting with beers


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