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David Given dg at cowlark.com
Thu Feb 14 11:46:48 UTC 2013

Here's the link to that microcntroller I had last night:


They do three versions:

- the MSP430 at $4.30 (including shipping); 16MHz / 16kB flash / 512
bytes RAM
- the C2000 at $17; 60MHz / 64kB flash / 12kB RAM
- the Stellaris, which has an ARM Cortex-M core, at $12.99; 80MHz /
256kB flash / 32kB RAM

There's a zillion different varieties of each with different specs. The
MSP430 kit gives you two processors, one with a slightly lower spec than
the one described above. There are free tools for programming it,
complete with gdb and a decent machine-code debugger (gcc-msp430,
gdb-msp430, msp430mcu, mspdebug in Debian).

They've all got dozens of internal peripherals. You can remove my MSP430
and stick it on a breadboard with one resistor and it's a fully working
microcontroller. Power consumption is basically nil (4mA at 16MHz, 2?A
at 1MHz, 100pA in deep sleep with the RAM turned on). And it's a nice,
elegant 16 bit architecture that looks easy to work with (unlike PICs).
Datasheets here:


I ordered mine from TI on a Tuesday and it arrived on Friday. Total cost
to me: ?2.75.

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