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David Given dg at cowlark.com
Thu Feb 14 22:45:28 UTC 2013

On 14/02/13 19:25, Bob Dunlop wrote:
> STM32L processor (32 bit arm) 16MHz (without adding a crystal to the
> dev board, I think 24MHz with), 128K ROM, 16K RAM, 4K EEPROM, 12bit ADCs,
> DACs, 2 serial, 2 I2C, SPI, etc...  Sub micoamp operating in does very
> little mode.

That does look nice. Roughly equivalent to the TI Stellaris board, but I
think it's got more I/O pins. The LCD display's a nice touch, and I
notice there's a space for a button cell holder on the bottom so you can
run it self powered. With 16kB RAM there's enough space to run a real
operating system, too.

Of course, it's over seven times the price of a MSP430. About the cost
of lunch, as opposed to a mediocre cup of coffee...

I'd certainly go for one of these over the Stellaris; thanks for
pointing it out. (Of course, being an ARM it's much less...
interesting... than the MSP430 from a CPU point of view.) (Incidentally,
it's worth pointing out that this is, like the Stellaris, has a Cortex-M
series processor core. The Ms don't run ARM code, only Thumb2 code.)

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