[sclug] Debian Squeeze boot up messages: moving on.

Dickon Hood dickon-ml at fluff.org
Fri Feb 22 23:44:24 UTC 2013

On Fri, Feb 22, 2013 at 22:11:15 +0000, John Stumbles wrote:
: On 22/02/13 16:47, Philip Hands wrote:
: >I've had quite good luck with HP Microservers:

: >  http://www.ebuyer.com/281915-hp-proliant-turion-ii-n40l-microserver-100-cashback-658553-421

: >I note that Microsoft seems to be getting more and more desperate about
: >these, trying to tempt the unwary with 500 quid in cashback, but the 100
: >quid you get back when buying a bare machine seems pretty decent to me
: >(especially if you're able to reclaim VAT, as that leaves the price at
: >just 100 pounds for a little server machine, ready to take 4 disks).

: I thought the cashback had been dropped.

They're permanently on offer with cashback.  Have been for the last three
years or so, I think.  I'm quite impressed they can make any money on

: I highly recommend this
: box: my only grumbles with it are (1) that you can't latch the door
: shut without using the stupid little toy key (which is to physical
: security what rot13 is to cryptography ;-)),

But less secure.

: and (2) it doesn't do
: sound, or I'd have one as a media server!

They have two low-profile PCIe slots; you should be able to stick a
dirt-cheap HDMI framebuffer in there and use that as an audio device.  My
main complaint is that the discs are physically unbuffered, so the head
travel noise thumps through the case.  I have one with four drives in it,
and my desktop with eight, and the desktop is a lot quieter under heavy

: I have one running with currently 4 drives as raid 1 mirror pairs,
: the pairs joined JBOD (aka raid 0)

JBOD: Just A Bunch of Discs.  No RAID anywhere near it, which is the
point.  You get to do the RAID in software.  RAID 0 is striped, not no

: to make a bigger array, plus
: another drive stuffed into the optical drive bay doing a snapshot
: backup (time machine sort of thing) on the more important parts of
: my data.

Or you can use the optical bay as an SSD with / and the rust as data with
RAID 5 / 6 / z2.

Dickon Hood
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