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>    1. Re: Wood vs GHC (John Stumbles)
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> Subject: Re: [sclug] Wood vs GHC
> On 17/05/13 09:33, Bob Dunlop wrote:
>> If I ever get my grandiose schemes off the ground I'd like to link
>> other inputs to my system.  A lot would be about attempting to predict
>> future conditions to avoid running the heating unnecessarily.  So for
>> example if the output from my solar PV system has been high for the day,
>> I can predict that the living areas of the house will have benifited from
>> a good level of passive solar heating, since this means I'm unlikely to
>> need to run the central heating for room heating I would be better to
>> provide the hot water demand by running the immersion heater than the
>> boiler.
> circa 12p/kWh peak rate electricity versus c. 3p for gas?
> How inefficient is your CH system?!
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> John Stumbles                                       http://yaph.org.uk

All the heat from the immersion element goes into the water it is heating.
A lot of  the latent heat in the gas goes up the flue or is lost from the
boiler itself and the piping from boiler to water tank.

The gap in price per kWh of useful heat is not as great as you might think.

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