[sclug] Shell accounts?

Ed Davies sclug.xu.1106 at edavies.me.uk
Thu Dec 4 09:54:55 UTC 2014

On 03/12/14 21:12, David Given wrote:
> Are shell servers still a useful thing? Has anyone used Mythic Beast's
> product (e.g. I'd be interested to know whether I actually share a real
> machine or get a single-user environment in a chroot or jail)? What are
> the security implications like? Any other products I should look at?

I too have a shell account with Mythic Beasts. Mostly just
use them for email and web hosting, not even any CGI.

Only a pound or two a year more expensive than the Portfast
Host Entry account that Oliver mentions. I very much like
being able to do rsync over ssh to update my site - makes
things very simple - but a shell account is also handy once
in a while for trying stuff like when BT's DNS here seems
to be doing odd things it's reassuring to be able to ssh
and dig.

Been with them a while - had a domain registered with
Black Cat which got transferred over then got the shell
account a bit after that. Would have rather they were with
different suppliers really but Mythic seemed to be doing
the best shell accounts in the UK. One kerfuffle when they
didn't link up my bank transfer with their invoice for some
reason but sorted out sensibly after a couple of emails
each way but generally very decent service.


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