[sclug] Scale Summit 2015

Simon Huggins huggie at earth.li
Tue Jan 13 11:11:37 UTC 2015

I'm forwarding this on for Jon.  I've been to Scale Summit and it's a
good event.  As an unconference[0], you get out of it what you put in in
terms of participation.

I hope it's of interest to some here.  I know DataSift (who I don't
think ever really turn up at the LUG) had a big presence there last

[0] http://www.unconference.net/unconferencing-how-to-prepare-to-attend-an-unconference/

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I'm involved in putting together Scale Summit, a community unconference
bringing together professionals from the operations and software
development communities who have a particular interest in scalable, high
performance systems.

This is our second such event - we ran the first Scale Summit in Q1 2014.
Our attendance was fairly London-centric, and we're attempting to spread
our net a little further this year.

Since I'm not myself a member of SCLUG, it seems unreasonable for me to
post directly to your mailing list, but if this sounds like the sort of
thing your members would be interested in, they can register their interest
at http://www.scalesummit.org/signup/



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