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I used to work there - don't buy anything from DWA!

He buys his kit from RDC


Jarvis Tech and dodgy contact inside Compaq/hp that skims off the cream of
the refurb stock.

The kit tends to be very poor condition (cracked screen etc) or have parts
that have been "upgraded"... (ie memory/hard-drives stripped out and
replaced with dodgy refurb kit so the Compaq branded kit can be sold on).

>From personal experience I would recommend Morgan's, having bought 2
laptops, a printer and a scanner and everything going perfectly with each

Dave "Muppet" Miller

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It's probably worth checking out DWA Computers (in Glasgow)


I haven't used them personally, but reckon they would do you a
deal on a recon/returned system.

Gordon Irving.

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