[Scottish] HTML templating software?

Colin McKinnon scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Dec 3 09:04:01 2002

David Marsh's list-reading hat wrote:

>I've been doing a bit of searching around of late to see if there are
>useful Linux-based tools that I could use in order to help writing the
>site, using 'templates' (ie, common themes for pages, including basic
>layout, navigation bars, etc, such that I can change the template and
>have the appearance of the whole site change in one easy go).
I've just started looking for a CMS for a project I'm working on - the 
object here is to make publishing idiot-proof but allowing for lots of 
headroom (particularly, custom written PHP scripts, and a picture 
gallery). Just about everything I've seen uses smarts on the server 
(PHP, Perl, Zope...) but that doesn't necessarily stop you from building 
a site then using a site ripper (e.g. Pavuk or getleft) to copy it to 
static html.

So far I've had a brief look at:
    based on MidGuard, wysiawyg editor (activeX). Production control 

    GPL and commercial, wysiawyg editor ($59) but probably overkill

    CPL, medium sophistication but good structure and UI

    simple blog with polls

    another blog type, easy admin facilities

    polished blog with tools, but based on zope

    Perl CMS, basic but skewed towards periodic issues

    PHP based portal system. Modular. lots of add-ins (chat, mail, rss, 
polls, ....). Sophisticated.

Although I've not delved too deeply yet, in most cases, building the 
templates and developing code which fits in with the native 
authentication / sessions stuff looks like a lot more effort than if it 
were just a single page - but of course you do get the benefits of re-use.

Meanwhile I'll be watching this thread with interest.