[Scottish] OT --new version of the 417 scam

willie fleming scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Dec 10 23:46:01 2002

OK this is seriously OT but might be worth a giggle.......
makes a change from the dozen or so normal 417s I discard every week on y=

Dear Sir,

My name is Haja I am a 23 years old and a British citizen who was taken t=
Brunei by my father at the young age of 12. He
deceived me that I was going there on vacation and later married me off t=
o a=20
wealthy Prince in Brunei who is 30 years older=20
than me.

I was thus forced into marriage and when I objected I was beaten and rape=
d by=20
this Prince. I was locked up in a house for two=20
years after which I submitted and decided to accept my faith, knowing tha=
t was=20
the only way out.

After I got my freedom back I have been allowed by my husband to have acc=
to his businesses. Over the years I am been able=20
to acquire  some money $16,000,000.00 ( Sixteen million dollars),which I=20
diverted into a private finance house in Darussalam=20
without his knowledge.

Right now I have mapped out a plan of escape out of Brunei, first of all =
want to move the fund out of the Brunei. This is=20
where I need your assistance, I will move the fund out of Brunei on your =
through a Cargo courier company to Europe to=20
avoid been detected by my husband. After which you will help me secure th=
fund before I get out of Brunei.

If you know you are capable of handling such a huge amount of money respo=
nd =20
to me and I will compensate you by giving you 10%=20
of the total fund.

Note also that you must keep this transaction secret as my life is at sta=
ke if=20
my husband or any of his relatives hear of this=20
transaction they will stone me to death or hang me.

I await your quick response. ( dot24@mail.com  or  800y2k@mail.com )

Yours faithfully,

Haja Laila