[Scottish] laserjet 1000

Paul Miller scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sun Dec 15 16:52:03 2002

> hello
> has anyone on the list got a hp laserjet 1000 to work under suse
> 7.3.  I ran
> yast2 and it reconised the printer as usblp0 and says its set up but when
> accessing the printer nothing happens.


AFAICT the Laserjet 1000 is not compatible with Linux at the moment.  The
hardware support databases all say it is broken for Linux. :(

Can anyone suggest a good, cheap, Linux compatible (Suse 8.0, Mandrake 9.0
+) laser printer for home / small office use?  I am trying to buy one but
inevitably the amount of information re Linux compatibility is poor.  The
Epson 5900 looks OK, listed on John Lewis as Linux compatible, but currently
out of stock.  The 5900L seems to be their more recent model in this range,
and I have found one site that says it does not work with Linux.

So what to do?  I am looking for something for < 200 quid.  Any thoughts?


Dr Paul Miller
Crownpoint Medical Practice